How Do I Become a Passport Acceptance Agent?

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Processing U.S. passport applications is serious business. The State Department considers handling of these documents a matter of national security. That's why although the work may seem simple, the process to become a passport acceptance agent is fairly in-depth.


Obtain employment with an authorized non-federal passport acceptance facility. Most of the time, these are state and local government agencies such as a local city hall.

Complete Department of State identification and signature forms which passport acceptance facilities must use and maintain. Your information will be shared with the U.S. Passport Agency's customer service department.

Complete interactive computer-based training which will instruct you on the policies and procedures surrounding passport application acceptance.

Test successfully on the training you received to be certified as a passport acceptance agent. This will most likely be given by computer following the training module.


Only U.S. citizens can qualify to be passport acceptance agents.

Government agencies who hire acceptance agents usually perform a thorough background check. Prior convictions may bar you from being a passport acceptance agent.