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Colorado Requirements to Become an Armed Security Guard

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Follow a specific set of guidelines to become a security guard in the state of Colorado. These guidelines are centered on age requirements, training and laws governing the duties of a security guard. Background checks and fingerprinting are also mandatory prior to becoming a security guard in the state of Colorado.


All applicants to be at least 18 years of age or older, have a valid Colorado state driver’s license or identification card and a valid social security card or number. Applicants must also provide the make and model of a vehicle that will be used for transportation. Applicants must submit three letters of reference from non-family members and a health certificate from the Colorado State Board of Medical Exam within 60 days proving that there are no ailments that could possibly deter the applicant from performing duties of the job. A letter of intent must also be submitted. A letter of intent is a letter from a security company that states that they will hire you after receiving your license as a security guard. The letter must also state necessary duties of the job, the start date of employment and the location of the facility. A proof of background check form must accompany the application within 30 days of submission. These forms can be found at the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.


Mandatory information sessions on crowd control, communication skills, legal use of force, ethics and legal issues, emergency situations training, health and safety, report writing and detainment of suspects will be given prior to receiving a security guard license. Applicants must be trained and certified, as part of the process to become a security guard, to carry a firearm in the state of Colorado.

Employment Fields

Private and public places are available for security guards. These places include airports, bus & train stations, hospitals, private offices, government offices, malls, libraries, schools, colleges and universities, banks and other public buildings.

Weapon Regulations

Three types of weapons are permitted for security guards to carry in the state of Colorado. These weapons include a knife, which cannot be longer than 3 and ½ inches, mace, and a nightstick which cannot exceed 26 inches in length and be more than a half inch thick. After an incident using a weapon, a security guard must submit a written report of the incident to the Department of Excise and Licenses within three days of the incident.


Licensing in the state of Colorado is done on a city by city level as opposed to a statewide level. Contact the City Clerk's office when applying for an armed security guard license. The application fees must be paid to the City Clerk's office prior to submitting the application.


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