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How to Make a Resume Sound Good

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For every available position, employers will review dozens or even hundreds of resumes from prospective candidates. In order to separate your resume from the pack, you will need to create a resume that is unlike the large stacks employers will sift through on their desk or in their inbox. A winning resume will not only grab your reader’s attention, it will help land you that job interview that can lead to your potential new career.

Create a custom-made resume format and avoid using pre-made resume templates. Your resume not only needs to sound good, it needs to look good. Resume templates are a great start for beginners, but the layout should be customized to look original.

Do not use any first person words. This is a standard resume writing rule because using words such as ‘I” or “my” will give your resume an unprofessional, casual tone. On top of this, using personal pronouns is redundant because your resume focuses completely on you, so it is not necessary to use these words.

Grab interest from the start with a strong objective statement. If your resume’s objective statement does not immediately hook your reader, it is doubtful they will even continue to read on. Include some background information that will tell the reader more about you. For example, if you are applying for a job as an IT specialist, state that you are certified, experienced or at least a quick learner in this objective section.

Format your resume so your strongest information is on top. For example, if your work history is more pertinent to the job you are applying to than your educational background, stack your job experience on top. If your special skills are your strengths, include this information directly below your objective statement.

Include only relevant information. Even if you don’t have the most experience with a specific field, you can enhance your resume’s strength by only including information that your potential employer would want to hear. For example, if you are applying for a job as a teacher, showcase any previous experience working with children, from being a camp counselor to daycare worker. Also highlight your excellence in a specific field.

Use strong word choices that will make an impact on your reader. Use a thesaurus if necessary. Don’t rely on words like “good” or “experienced” to grab your reader. For example, you wouldn’t say you have experience “answering phones.” Instead, you could say, “assisted customers with their questions and concerns,” “operated a multi-line phone system” or “created an organization system for incoming phone messages.”

Edit and revise until it's perfect. It is absolutely unacceptable to submit a resume that features even one spelling or typographical error. If you are worried you might overlook an error, ask a friend to double check your resume for any mistakes. These gaffes damage your credibility and integrity as a professional.


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