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How to Work From Home in the Philippines

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Working from home in the Philippines is one option for people looking for a job in the country. Many people who would find it difficult to land a conventional job discover plenty of opportunities online. Noted for a high English literacy among the local population, the Philippines is a major outsourcing destination for U.S. businesses. Some of the most in-demand jobs offered to Filipinos and expatriates based in the Philippines include content writing, data entry, blogging, graphics design and Web programming.

Determine what home-based jobs you qualify for. The Philippines is a popular outsourcing destination due to high English literacy among its people. Search the Internet for the latest in-demand jobs that target Filipiino or Philippine-based freelancers. Assess your skills and background against the job qualifications. Some jobs have lower skill requirements than others. One of the simplest—content writing—needs little more than the ability to read and write plain English.

Make an online portfolio. The easiest way to secure work-at-home jobs is through the Internet. Create a blog or website dedicated to your past and present work. Highlight your best achievements, and keep it current. Demonstrate your knowledge of local topics if you want a job relating to the Philippines (such as travel writing), but otherwise, try to make your work relevant to American and international audiences. Do not worry if you lack academic or professional credentials. Employers who outsource may be willing to hire based on the actual work you produce, not just your resume. Link to your blog or website when you advertise your services, if possible.

Set a price range for your services. Research the current rates for the type of job you are looking for. Be reasonable when setting your rates. Do not accept the lowest rates if you know you can produce quality work. But, keep in mind that low-cost labor is one of your main selling points when working in the Philippines. Specify your salary as "negotiable" if you can tolerate some haggling.

Familiarize yourself with different payment options. Both local and foreign businesses offer work-at-home jobs in the Philippines. Provide a variety of domestic and international payment options to broaden your client base. Set up a bank account or PayPal account. Ask your local banks and pawn shops if they have money transfer services such as Xoom, Western Union, Kwarta Padala or MoneyGram available. Sign up for Smart Money or Gcash if you subscribe to these cell phone companies.

Create an impressive resume. Tailor the resume to the type of job you are looking for. Refer your potential clients to your online portfolio in the resume if possible. Make sure your English is flawless. Save your resume in an easy-to-edit format (such as Word or plain text). Open accounts on job sites such as Best Jobs Philippines, and post your resume there. Or, post a job ad and send your resume when someone responds to your ad and requests it.

Search for work-at-home jobs online. Many Philippine job sites and blogs exist. Keep an eye on these sites for new job announcements that you may qualify for. When searching for jobs, use the keywords "work at home" or "home based." Visit the company website before you apply for a job opening. Do a Google search or ask about it on Philippine freelance sites to make sure it pays on time and is not a scam.

Do your job as agreed on. Working from home in the Philippines as a freelancer usually requires Internet use. You may have to submit your work via email or a community portal. Follow the rules, and deliver your work on time. Use instant messaging programs if this makes communication between you and your client easier. Collect payment as agreed upon.


Improve your English-speaking and writing skills. Filipinos and Philippine-based workers face strong competition from other countries where English is also widely spoken. If you work as a content writer, learn to adopt American English since most Web content focuses on an American audience.

Some Philippine-based work-at-home jobs are flexible. You can stop writing for a content provider for months and then come back without any problems. This can let you find other jobs while retaining old ones.

Use your knowledge of the Philippines to find your market. For example, you can open a travel blog if you are familiar with tourist destinations in the country.


Make sure your client will pay you. Ask for a business website and real name if possible. Anonymous persons are difficult to trace if they do not pay you. Job sites that require registration are safer than classifieds.

Some clients prefer quantity over quality; others prefer it the other way around. Focus on quality to make your work stand out. It will make it easier to negotiate for a higher salary.