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How to Become a Barber in Canada

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Barbers can be found all over the world doing the same work. Typically, barbers specialize in cutting men’s hair, and are also sometimes required to trim beards and shave men’s faces. In Canada, each province has a regulatory body that approves the licensing. To become a barber, you must obtain the appropriate education and experience before you can become licensed.

Research education and training options to become a barber. In Canada, it is not required that you complete a university or college program to become a barber. However, most salons and barbershops require that you have completed a related program at a recognized school. These programs can be completed at colleges, universities, career colleges or specialty schools. There are courses located across every province in Canada. Some provinces offer apprenticeship opportunities to become a barber.

Obtain the appropriate education. Once you have chosen an appropriate education path, enroll in the desired course or apprenticeship program. Most school programs include a practical component that allows you to gain valuable in-field experience as a barber. Apprenticeship programs require that you complete a set of tasks and a predetermined number of in-field hours.

Become a licensed barber with your provincial organization. In Canada, there is no national regulatory body for barbers. With the exception of Ontario, which has a separate association for barbers, the provincial cosmetology association licenses barbers. Becoming licensed as a barber is not required, but will aid you in your job search and prove to potential clients and employers that you meet the provincial requirements to perform the job of a barber. Send your application to the appropriate association along with your registration fees and educational transcripts to become licensed.

Explore career opportunities or start your own business. There are many opportunities for barbers to find work. Most barbers begin their career working in a salon. Others choose to start their own business. If you choose to open your own business, you must apply for the appropriate business licenses. Inquire with your school if they provide work placements. If you choose to apply at an existing salon or barbershop, you must send an updated resume to reflect your competencies as a barber, and you may be required to provide a portfolio of your work.

Continue your education as a barber. Trends, technology and common practices are constantly changing. To remain competitive and competent as a barber, it is important to stay informed about the newest styles and developments. Membership in your provincial barber or cosmetology association usually includes monthly newsletters that contain valuable information on changing techniques and trends.


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