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How to Become a Crime Scene Investigator in Canada

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In Canada, there are many types of crime scene investigator. Each requires a varying skill set, combined with the appropriate education. From securing crime scenes to analyzing evidence recovered from crimes, a career as a crime scene investigator in Canada can be extremely challenging, but offers incredible rewards.

Choose a crime scene investigator designation. Crime scene investigator teams are made up of people with different areas of expertise. For example, there is a person who specializes in blood collection and analysis and a different person responsible for blocking the scene and preserving evidence. Before you can become a crime scene investigator, you must choose the are in which you would like to specialize.

Research the provincial requirements to become a crime scene investigator. Once you’ve chosen an area of specialty, you must research what is required to become a licensed crime scene investigator in your province. Most careers as a crime scene investigator in Canada require a four-year degree from a university, but there are areas that only require a two-year college diploma or certificate.

Enroll in the appropriate course in university or college. Education is key to beginning your career. Enroll in an institution that offers the program that will lead you to a job in your area of interest.

Get experience in your chosen field. In addition to completing the appropriate education, it’s crucial that you gain practical experience. Check with your school to see if they offer internships or volunteer programs. If they don’t, check with your local police force to see how you can get experience.

Register with your provincial association. Every province has a provincial association for the different areas of crime scene investigation. Membership in this association proves to potential employers that you are licensed and meet the requirements to be an effective crime scene investigator.

Prepare your resume and begin looking for jobs. Most crime scene investigators in Canada will work for a police force. However, there are employment opportunities with the government and third-party crime scene investigation companies. Choose a few different positions for which you would like to apply, fill out the required application forms, and submit your resume. Be sure to include your membership to your provincial crime scene investigator association on your resume.