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How to Download Testing Skills From Temporary Agencies

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Temporary-employment agencies--temp agencies for short--help people find temporary work.Clients of a temp agency usually are assigned to perform work for a specific company. Performing well may lead the company eventually to hire a temp worker for full-time employment. Some temporary agencies provide testing skills on their websites, or tests and information on their Websites. These skills tests often can be downloaded so prospective workers can better prepare for a job.

Compile a list of temporary agencies in your geographic location. Visit the Websites of each temp agency and search for skills tests and related information. Downloadable testing skills and information usually are found in a "resource" section or similar listing. There are hundreds of temp agencies, so you do not have to one that is local to download testing information.

Access the links for testing skills. Click on the links and scroll through the various types of testing skills or job-hunt information.

Click on the pages to download onto your computer. Testing skills packets will give you information about how to take various tests for certain job skills. They also include tips on how to apply for jobs and manage your time and budget when job hunting.