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Functional Resume List of Skill Sets

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Skills cover a range of knowledge and talents, stemming from natural abilities or developed through experience, training or education. Employers seek candidates with specific skills and work experience. Job seekers with weak work histories or a desire to change careers often use a functional resume to spotlight skills. Both experience and skills are included on a functional resume, but skills relevant to the job are listed before work history. Skill sets are numerous, so it's important to narrow your list to those that align best with job requirements.

Computer and Technology

When a job requires computer skills, examples of skill sets that might be required include knowledge of software programs such as the Microsoft Suite or specific operating systems and hardware. For technology, examples to include on the functional range from developing technical manuals to preparing technical specifications for equipment. Technical skills may also include abilities to operate or repair automated or mechanical equipment.

Management and Leadership Skill Sets

In-demand skills that employers often seek involve managing and leading others. Examples of the type of skills to list on a functional resume include the ability to motivate and influence others, the ability to train, teach and develop others and the ability to coach and mentor team members. Other skills indicative of leadership potential include the ability to measure and monitor job performance, manage and resolve conflict and interact with a diverse group of people across all levels.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Job announcements often list effective communication and interpersonal skill sets as requirements. Communication skills refer to the ability to convey information in a clear and understandable manner, the ability to engage with different people and personalities and the ability to listen and comprehend what others are saying. Interpersonal skills refer to the ability to get along and interact with others in a positive, respectful manner. Both skill sets are universal and valuable enough to include on a functional resume.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

The ability to analyze situations and apply critical thinking to gain insight and draw valid conclusions is another skill set to include on functional resumes. This type of critical thinking is a valuable and much sought after skill in job candidates. If you can effectively evaluate a problem, synthesize information and make objective judgments, listing critical thinking on your functional resume is a plus.

Decision Making Capabilities

In addition to critical thinking, knowing how and when to make a decision is also a sought after skill in the job market. Making an informed decision in a timely manner is a skill that requires the ability to evaluate all possible options and choose the best possible approach in terms of functionality and feasibility.

Language Skills

Some employers give preference to those with multiple language abilities, especially when global operations are involved. List language skills on a functional resume if you are proficient in more than one language. For example, if you are fluent in Spanish, French or Chinese, be sure to include language skills when applicable to the job or if you gain an advantage for possessing them.


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