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How to Become a Credit Repair Agent

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Credit repair agents work with people who want to rebuild their credit so they can get future loans at fair interest rates. Agents must be able to constantly monitor their credit and help them get back on track. Communication skills are a must so you can clearly convey how to help them secure their financial futures.

Study to take the test to become a certified credit consultant (CCC). A CCC is a skilled credit repair agent who stands behind his work. This will allow you to expand your opportunities, as well as start your own business.

Know current credit laws. Because credit laws are constantly changing, it is important to stay abreast of them so you can appropriately advise customers of their options. Unless you remain current, you will not be successful.

Set up your business. You may choose to work with a credit repair firm, or be independent. If you choose the latter, you will want to create a business plan detailing the needs and services you will offer, such as credit monitoring, handling error disputes and correcting any credit report errors.

Create a goal. Your business plan should include a business goal, whether monetary or number of clients. Strive to hit that goal. Once you have set a goal, begin networking with friends and family to promote your new business.

Advertise as a credit repair agent. To stand out from the competition, offer something unique like a free consultation.


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