Job Description of a Credit Manager

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

A credit manager establishes policies and procedures for credit application processes, and maintains credit for clients of an organization.

Education and Certification

Educational requirements include a bachelor's degree in finance or a related discipline. Employers may require specific certification, such as the National Association for Credit Management certification.

Previous Experience

Because this role establishes best practices for credit, it requires several years of experience in credit analysis, collections and finance.


Maintaining clients' credit includes investigating and analyzing risks, approving credit for potential clients and continuing lines of credit for current clients. Working with other members of a financial team, these professionals also evaluate credit processing and approval, and make changes to ensure the financial stability of the organization.


These occupations can work for a lending organization, or a large organization offering goods or services that require credit for purchase.


In December 2009, lists an average salary of $57,000 per year for these and related occupations.