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How to Renew a Cosmetology License

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Cosmetology is a fast-growing field in which trained and licensed cosmetologists work to enhance the appearance of clients within a salon or other environment. Licenses are necessary to work in this field in all areas of the United States, and cosmetologists are responsible for renewing them to continue working in any capacity within this profession.

Contact the State Board of Cosmetology in your state to find out specific information about license renewal based on state regulations. State board offices are usually located in the state capital and handle all cosmetology license renewals. Each state may have slight differences in procedures necessary to obtain a renewal license.

Complete all necessary continuing education classes to obtain your cosmetology license. States require that cosmetologists take at least 16 hours of classes either on paper or online that include information on sanitation, disease prevention and specific information necessary to ensure they are practicing safe procedures in within their trade. Look online for classes in your state, or contact the state board for continuing education classes. Be sure the classes are approved by your state board and meet continuing education criteria.

Renew your license online in some states by going to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation website for your state. Create a user account and complete registration by inputting your profession, and current license number and then creating a user account. Input all information, including completed continuing education hours where specified.

Pay all fees associated with cosmetology license renewal. Many states offer license renewal for two years at a cost of approximately $60 to $100 annually. Visit your state board website and check for online renewals, or wait until your renewal form comes in the mail and pay the necessary costs. If you do not receive your renewal form by mail, call the state board to request a replacement renewal form.