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How to Prepare for an Aptitude Test

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An aptitude test will measure your capability either in school or in the workplace. An aptitude test that measures your potential performance in school is a major factor when it comes to which colleges will accept you. An aptitude test that measures your potential performance at work is just as important as your interview. Regardless of the reason you are taking an aptitude test, be prepared.

Find out what type of test you will be taking. There are three different types of aptitude tests: verbal, numeric, and abstract. You may be required to take a test that is a combination of all three.

Buy an appropriate aptitude test book, and use it to study. Test books will have all the information needed to perform well on the aptitude test.

Understand the types of questions that will be asked. Aptitude tests consist of multiple choice questions. Depending on the type of aptitude test, the wording of the questions will change. Review potential questions to gain an understanding of question types and to become familiar with the vocabulary used.

Take the practice tests. Many test books will have them; if the test book you buy does not, find a recent practice test online. Time yourself during the practice tests; don't allow yourself more time than what would be granted during the actual exam.

Do word or math puzzles a few days before your aptitude test. When doing the puzzles, try to do them in a short period of time. This will help you feel more comfortable answering timed questions.


If you will be tested on your vocabulary, buy or make your own notecards with potential vocabulary words on one side and definitions on the other.