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How to succeed on behavioral interview questions with SHARE model

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During job interviews, hiring managers sometimes use "behavioral" interviewing techniques to gauge how you'll behave in certain situations on the job. The thinking is this: By asking you how you've reacted in the past, or how you'd behave in a hypothetical situation, the employer can get a good sense of what you'll do in the new job. Using the "SHARE" method of storytelling can help you work through all the necessary details.

What It Stands For

The SHARE acronym stands for the following: Situation or task you were faced with; Hindrances to getting the problem solved; Actions you took to deal with the problem; Results that came from your actions; Evaluations of what you did and what you could have done better. The model is designed to provide an outline that helps you cover all the bases and accurately describe the situation.

Prepping for the Interview

Ahead of the interview, try to think of some of the situations the new job will put you in, or potential challenges you'll face in the new job. Next, come up with examples from your past that relate to these hypothetical situations. If you're applying for a sales job, for example, the hiring manager might ask you how you'd handle a difficult customer who demanded a refund. Think of an example of how you've taken steps to ensure the customer walked away happy and the measurable results of your actions, such as making subsequent sales. Practice your responses ahead of time, but don't be surprised if you're asked something totally new or unexpected. Take your time and state each one of the letters of the acronym before you answer. For example, you might say "The situation" is... and "the hindrance is..." Using the acronym and its ordered format will help you gather your thoughts and ensure that you answer the question thoroughly.


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