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How to Become a Credit Repair Consultant

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With debt being such a rampant problem today, there is a need for qualified credit consultants to help people out. A credit repair consultant counsels people through issues such as identity theft, debt consolidation and credit score improvement. Becoming a credit repair consultant is not a difficult task in itself, but becoming reputable to potential clients can be more challenging. This is becoming a more competitive field as debt becomes more of an issue, so in order to stand out from the crowd you need know your stuff.

Get an education in a financial field. Whether you just take a few classes at a local community college or decide to go for a degree in accounting, you should get some basic knowledge of accounting and finance before you take credit counseling classes.

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Take a credit counseling course. These courses will teach you the basics of credit counseling as well as how to run your own consulting business. Online courses are offered, but you can probably find a class in your area as well.

Research the laws in your state about credit counseling. Most states don't require any kind of licensing, but you should check with your secretary of state to make sure. You may need to take a test or apply for licensing before you start practicing.

Update your resume. Even though you will probably be working as an independent contractor, some clients might want to see proof of your education and past work experience.

Market yourself as a credit repair consultant. This includes making business cards, setting up a website, and telling people about your services.

Keep yourself updated on current information in the financial world. The finance industry is constantly changing, so read the business section of your local newspaper and check the Internet for current information.