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How to Sell Life Insurance Successfully

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Life insurance salespeople need a variety of skills, including the ability to sell in a persuasive manner, knowledge of the different plans available, and the knack of communicating well wih others. They are also required to be licensed in some areas, and to follow ethical guidelines in dealing with their customers.

Be aware of any licensing guidelines in the locality where you will sell policies. You may need to complete a specific program prior to obtaining your license, and earn a passing grade on a state-sponsored test. The examination will test your knowledge of legal and business matters connected with the selling of life insurance policies in your area. Once you have gotten your license, you must keep track of industry developments so you can provide the best possible value to your clients and meet continuing education regulations that vary from state to state.

Find a job with a company that provides mentorship. There is no better way to learn the ins and outs of the life insurance industry than to be mentored by someone who has sold policies for years. Ask your mentors questions, observe how they deal with clients, study the tone of voice they use when closing a sale, and learn effective followup techniques.

Develop a book of business leads. You can obtain clients by using the telephone to offer your services to those dissatisfied with their current life insurance coverage. Lists are easily obtained through list providers (see Resources) so that you can have an ample supply of leads to phone on a weekly basis. If you can provide quality coverage at prices that are lower than your competitors, you have a good chance of building a solid customer base quickly.

Attend events in your local area and hand out business cards when you meet people. Life insurance agents who go to events in their town or county build a reputation as someone who cares about the people with whom they interact. The goal is establish a list of clients who will eventually refer business to you because they are satisfied with your services, so be sure to treat each person you meet with respect and care.