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How to Become an AAA Insurance Agent

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Insurance agents with AAA recommend and sell insurance products specific to a customer's needs, such as life, casualty and property, and automobile policies. Successful agents must be able to turn a lead into a customer, know state- and region-specific rates and regulations, maintain licensure, and take continuing education courses. To work as an insurance agent with AAA, you must meet basic requirements and become licensed before applying for a job. You can also sell insurance as an independent contractor with AAA by buying into the company and opening your own AAA agency.

Meeting Basic Requirements

To qualify to become an AAA insurance agent, you must have one to two years of insurance sales experience, a college degree, effective communication skills, a stable employment history and knowledge of how to convert leads. You must also be customer-service oriented and have a working knowledge of insurance-rating systems. Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications will also help you succeed as an AAA insurance agent. AAA also requires its insurance agents to be licensed in the states or regions where they work.

Meeting Pre-Licensing Requirements

To qualify to take the licensing exam, you must be at least 18 years old, a U.S. citizen or resident alien, and a resident of the state where you'll work. You must also take classes, though the number of hours you must take before you can take the licensing exam vary by state. For example, in Nevada, to become licensed to sell a single line of insurance such as life, health, property or casualty insurance, you must take 20 hours of classes for each line you want to sell. In Florida, you can qualify to take the licensing exam in a number of ways, such as by completing a 200-hour insurance course, working as a licensed customer service representative in the insurance industry and completing a 40-hour course, or working for at least one year as a licensed service representative in the insurance industry and completing an 80-hour course. You must also pass a background check, which requires you to submit your fingerprints.

Taking the Licensing Exam

The licensing exam covers general knowledge about the insurance industry as well as specific knowledge about the lines of insurance you'll sell and the laws and regulations in the state where you'll work. The test is made up of 100 questions. Each state determines how many questions you must answer correctly to pass the exam. The licensing exam will be specific to the state or region where you'll work, and your license is good for three years. To make sure you can renew your license when it expires, you must take continuing education classes, with the number of hours varying by state.

Owning an AAA Insurance Agency

AAA lets insurance agents buy into the company, open an AAA agency, and operate as independent contractors that sell AAA memberships, property and casualty insurance, life insurance and other approved products. To qualify, you must demonstrate an understanding of sales and business principles, have experience selling and marketing insurance, be licensed or willing to become licensed, and take continuing education classes. AAA also requires its independent contractors to have available funds and be willing and able to invest into the business. In addition, AAA prefers that independent contractors have college degrees, though its website does not specify what kind of degree. AAA provides its independent contractors with branded sales materials, training and ongoing support, but it doesn't offer independent contractors a salary or any benefits.


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