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How to Become an Insurance Broker in Georgia

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Insurance brokers sell various types of insurance. They must obtain licensure in the state of Georgia to sell insurance to individuals and groups there -- a process that involves completing educational requirements and passing exams. Types of insurance licenses available in Georgia include life, accident, health, property and casualty. Brokers may sell as independent agents or on behalf of a consulting brokerage or insurance company.

Types of Insurance Brokers

Many brokers focus on one line of insurance services. For example, brokers can exclusively sell life insurance or health insurance, or specialize in property and casualty with a focus on home and automobile insurance. Once you decide to explore a career as an insurance agent, deciding which direction to focus on will determine your next steps. Working as an intern or in an administrative position at a brokerage can help you decide your career path and specialty.

Pre-Licensing Education

Each type of license has its own educational requirements. In Georgia, to become a life, health, property or casualty broker you must complete 40 hours of state-approved training. The Georgia Office of Insurance can assist you in finding an approved educational provider. If you already work for an insurance company or brokerage, your employer might pay the cost of the pre-licensing course. If you are already licensed in another state, you may be exempt from taking a course for your Georgia license.

Licensing Exams

After completing the pre-licensure coursework, you can take the licensing examination to become an insurance broker in Georgia. Georgia uses a vendor that handles exam registration, exam payment and administration. Check with the Georgia Office of Insurance to determine the current vendor as it can change from year to year. The vendor provides instruction and requirements for each type of exam that you plan to take. Once you pass your exam, Georgia requires you to submit to a criminal background check, fingerprinting and a formal application process.

Job Opportunities

Once licensed, you have a few options to sell insurance products in Georgia. You can work for yourself, an insurance brokerage or an insurer in a consulting capacity, advising customers on what types and amounts of insurance they need. Brokers can sell insurance to individuals or to groups. Brokers in Georgia can earn commissions on policies sold or work for a consulting fee.


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