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How to Submit Your Resume & Salary Requirements

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Employers may request that you submit your salary requirements with your resume. They use this as a screening tool to eliminate applicants who are requesting more than the company is willing to pay. Some companies will also eliminate low-end salaries if they are looking for someone with experience and expertise. Deciding how much of a salary to request can be unnerving to applicants who have not faced this situation before.

Determine the average salary for the position by visiting a website that does salary comparisons. Salaries will usually be higher than average in expensive metropolitan areas such as New York City and possibly lower than average in a small town in a suburban or rural area. You will find links to cost-of-living websites in the Resources section below.

Ask friends who may work for the company for the salary range of the position in which you are interested. The company might have posted it on the internal employee network, or an employee in human resources may provide the information. Compare this to the regional average for someone with your level of education and experience.

Research what the job pays within your own company if you do not know anyone at the other company. If your employer and the corporation in which you are interested are in the same geographical area and of a similar size, then chances are that the salaries are similar. However, larger corporations, along with companies that are unionized, generally have the resources to pay more than a small company.

Choose a salary range rather than a specific number. For example, if you want a salary of $45,000 then state that your requirements are in the mid-40s. This will not eliminate you from an interview if the employer is planning to pay $42,000.

Include the salary requirement as part of the cover letter. Financial information is not included on the resume.

Do not staple the cover letter or the resume. Mail them in a manila envelope so they will arrive without creases and look as professional as when you prepared them.