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How to Get a Cscs Card

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The Construction Skills Certification Scheme was set up in the United Kingdom to, in their own words, "help the construction industry to improve quality and reduce accidents." By getting a CSCS card, you are proving to potential clients and investors that you are committed to being one of the best in the construction industry by being dedicated to safety and reliability. Cards are offered in many different areas of construction, including craft and operative cards; technical, supervisory and management cards; and construction-related-occupation cards.

Contact Skills Direct through the CSCS website if you'd like to have the entire process organized and expedited. The people who give out the CSCS cards recommend this approach--and there is no additional cost--but you can do the entire process yourself too.

Determine what kind of card you want to apply for by browsing through the types of cards available on the CSCS website. The kind of card you get will determine what kind of qualifications and tests you need. A link to this information is located in the Reference section.

Schedule a ConstructionSkills Health and Safety test online through the CSCS website.The cost is 17.50 pounds, and you are exempt if you have an FAS Safepass or a construction-related NVQ/SVQ and are applying for the CSCS card for the first time.

Read through the requirements demanded by the type of card you're applying for to be sure that you meet or exceed them before applying.

Download one of three forms, depending on which card you're getting, from the CSCS website. Fill it out completely. You'll need a current or former employer to vouch for you in one section, and you'll need to affix a photograph. When you're done, send it to the address listed at the bottom of the form along with a 30-pound check made out to ConstructionSkills.