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How to Write a Janitorial Resume

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Janitors, floor techs, housekeepers and custodians are needed in schools, hospitals, government buildings, businesses and hotels to help keep them clean, safe and orderly. In order to be considered for a janitorial position in an organization, you will need to create a resume that details your credentials and relevant professional background. This document should be no more than one page in length.

Choose a resume format. Traditional resumes list your most current information and works backwards chronologically, so if your primary work experience is janitorial, you should use this format. Otherwise, a functional format is ideal for janitorial work because it allows you to highlight your specific skills that are relevant to the position, such as floor maintenance, furnace repair or debris removal.

Include an objective that clearly states the job you are applying for and the name of the organization you would like to work for. Avoid using any first person words, such as “I” or “my.” For example, instead of writing, “I would like a job as a maintenance manager for a school,” you would write, “Experienced janitorial worker seeks a position as a maintenance manager.” Indicate the specific institution you would like to work for.

Include a bulleted list of your experience in janitorial work and maintenance. If your skills are diverse, these lists can even be broken up into several sections. For example, you could make a list for landscaping experience, electrical work, floor care or painting. Include a section for special skills, awards and certifications that are relevant to the janitorial position.

Create a section that lists your employment history, starting with most recent or relevant position and working backwards. Also create a section that lists your education background, especially if it is relevant to the job you are applying for. For example, if you are certified in handling lead or asbestos, this information should be included on your resume.

Write a section that lists three to five references that can vouch for your qualifications. Include the name, relationship and contact information of your references. This list could include former employers, coworkers or friends. Listing family members is discouraged.