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How to Write a Mystery Shopper Bio That is 500 Words or Less

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Being a mystery shopper can be an exciting and interesting career. The job entails visiting businesses, such as retail stores, restaurants, spas, fitness centers or any other type of establishment and making a purchase or using a service. Once your visit to the establishment is complete, you will be required to fulfill a bio on the business that details your experience. Writing a mystery shopper bio that is 500 words or less, as is typically required, can be challenging, but learning to distill your thoughts effectively will help you stay within this limit.

Describe your entrance into the business. This should be your first impression of the business and will set the tone of your experience. Make a mental note of what activity is going on in the store, whether you are greeted by an employee when you walked in and what type of products and services are available.

Make note of the décor and atmosphere of the business. After your first glance, make detailed observations of the business. Observe how the business decorated, how the products are displayed, or what music, if any, is playing.

Detail your interaction with the business’ personnel. Many employers will hire mystery shoppers to find out how their employees interact with customers. Therefore, your interaction with staff should be a key component of your bio. Make note of whether they were friendly, helpful, attentive, or rude and discourteous. Detail specific instances where their behaviors were demonstrated.

Include the physical address of the business, as well as the date and time you visited the location. Also, be specific with the name of the business, names of employees you interacted with and the products you purchased. The name and address of the business should be noted somewhere at the top of your bio. If the bio is on multiple pages, consider making a header or footer on the document that indicates the name of the company and the date you visited the establishment on each page.

Check your bio for redundancies. If you are writing your profile to fit within a specific word count of 500 words, you may find that repetitive words will eat away at this word allowance. Without compromising the integrity of your bio, be sure your writing is free of clutter or any typographical errors. You may also consider using bulleted lists to decrease your word count if necessary. These are also efficient ways for employers to review your information.


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