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Hotel Business Center Clerk Job Description

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A hotel business center clerk provides administrative support to guests. Duties may include typing, faxing and photocopying. Additionally, these individuals may educate guests on the proper use of office equipment and processes, such as computers and long-distance calling.


While a college degree is not required to become a hotel business center clerk, candidates who possess post-secondary education within a hospitality management field of study are often preferred.

Qualitative Requirements

Due to the fast-paced nature of the business, hotel business center clerks must be energetic, excellent communicators and possess a customer-service mentality.

Work Schedules

As a result of the 24-hour, seven-days-a-week nature of the hospitality industry, hotel business center clerks may be required to work non-traditional schedules, such as weekends.

Annual Salary

The Bureau of Labor Statistics said the average annual salary of hotel clerks in 2020 was $25,490.

Job Growth

As the hospitality industry as a whole grows, employment of hotel clerks is anticipated to decline at a rate of 6 percent from 2018 through 2028, according to the BLS.


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