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How to Be a Starbucks Mystery Shopper

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Companies hire mystery shoppers to evaluate store employees and cleanliness. If you want to know how well your staff performs when you're not around, hire a mystery shopper. Mystery shopping jobs are sprouting up everywhere. And the nice thing about working as a mystery shopper is you usually get reimbursement of a product you're evaluating like food, clothing or entertainment. With just a small amount of time and very little skill, you too can get paid to drink coffee at Starbucks.

Sign up with the company Second to None. They do all of Starbucks mystery shopping scheduling. Go to the company's website (see Resources) and sign up. Wait until they send you a confirmation email. Once you receive the email, you're ready to begin.

Take a short quiz online on how to be a mystery shopper for Starbucks. The company has a guidelines brochure that can be accessed from its website. They require you to pass a small quiz on the information found in the brochure. But don't panic; they give you a few times to pass.

Wait for the company to send you a thermometer and a gram scale in the mail. They will deduct $30 from your first payment to cover the cost of the equipment. If you want to, you can send it back for full reimbursement.

Claim your assignments on the Internet. Starbucks coffee shops are located all over the United States, and every shop must be shopped three times in each quarter. Find the shops in your area that are within driving distance, and claim the shops. You will receive a conformation email the next morning that will advise you of the shops you've been accepted for.

Make sure to shop the Starbucks you've been assigned on the day and the time of the assignment. Each shop must be shopped once before 10:00 a.m., once between 10:00 a.m. and close, and once during the weekend. Each time period requires a different drink to be purchased, so make sure to check the guidelines before going out to do your shop.

Check out the outside of the Starbucks shop before entering the store to see if there is any trash or debris on the grounds. Also check to make sure the trashcans aren't full and overflowing. There is a report you must fill out at the completion of each shop, so pay attention to detail.

Spend a minimum of 10 minutes in the shop. Check out the bathrooms for cleanliness. Make sure the pastry case is clean and organized. The pastries should all be labeled. The back service counter should be clean, as well as the floor.

Order the required drink. Use a stopwatch to time how how long it takes to get your order. Your report will ask you to record how much time you spent in line ordering and waiting. You will also have to write down your total time.

Use a debit card to pay for your purchase. The company requires you to send in the receipt. If you use your debit card, there is more chance they will give you a receipt than if you use cash.

As soon as you receive your drink, go out to your car to record measurements. Take and record the temperature of the drink. Weigh and record the drink's weight.

Make notes of the store's condition. Make notes about the partners. The report will ask you to list how many partners were on the floor, if they were neat and clean, if they smiled and made eye contact, and if they thanked you appropriately. The report will ask you what the partners looked like and what their names were. Write this information down so you don't forget it.

Wait 15 minutes between shops if you have more than one shop in a row. Once you have completed your shops for the day, head home to fill out the online reports. Write down the company's address at the end of the report. You will have to send them your coffee receipts for reimbursement.

Open a PayPal account. Once a month, you'll be paid through PayPal for the shops you did the previous month. You receive $9 for each shop plus reimbursement for your drink. Although you won't pay your mortgage with this job, it's a lot of fun, and they pay you to drink the coffee you were probably going to buy anyway.


When claiming the Starbucks shops you wish to shop, try to claim a few in a given area. If you'll be traveling any distance, it's always good to do at least three shops.


You must spend at least 10 minutes in each shop, and you must have at least 15 minutes between shops. If you do not have the required time spans when filling out your report, you will not get paid. Never alter your drink before you take the temperature and weight. If the company finds out, you will not get paid.