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How Much Does PetSmart Pay?

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If you love animals and you have your own cats, birds, dogs or other lovable creatures at home, you've likely visited a PetSmart. The national chain sells pet supplies, provides grooming and training services, and houses cats available for adoption. Employees can earn anywhere from $9 an hour as a cashier and up to $74,580 per year as a store manager. Pay depends upon the location of the PetSmart, and pay grades can vary from store to store.

The History of PetSmart

In addition to selling pet necessities, PetSmart has been saving the lives of animals for more than 20 years. In 1988, as PetFood Warehouse, the store worked with local animal welfare groups to host pet adoption events. In 1989, PetFood Warehouse officially became PetSmart. Along with its sales of pet food and supplies, PetSmart has spent years making donations to help pets and abandoned animals, such as during and after natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy. PetSmart Charities has also partnered with the National Animal Rescue and Sheltering Coalition to find solutions to major animal emergency issues. If you work at PetSmart, you can feel good about contributing to the wellbeing of little critters throughout the United States.

How Much Does PetSmart Pay?

Much like most chain stores, PetSmart doesn't offer a set pay scale for all locations. Depending on location, the pay will vary. For example, a cashier in Pheonix, Arizona, can expect around $9.97 per hour. With overtime, that amount can go up to $19.97 per hour. Dog groomers can expect about $10.70 per hour. The longer you work at PetSmart, the more pay you will earn. PetSmart also bases pay on experience, so if you want your hourly rate to increase, enjoy your time surrounded by pets and watch your income rise. Depending on your job position and location, you may be able to access several benefits including a 401k, health insurance, paid time off, sick leave, dental insurance and a store discount.

Why Work at PetSmart?

If you love animals and helping out customers, PetSmart may be the right career choice. You will be surrounded by pets and assist customers with choices for their furry companions. Being an employee at PetSmart lets you be part of something bigger, as well, because the company gives back and helps pets with the PetSmart Charities program. Pet groomers at PetSmart also have a chance to explore their creativity.


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