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How to Become an ACLS Instructor

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Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Instructors provide invaluable instruction to health-care providers responsible for the treatment of cardiopulmonary emergencies. To provide this instruction, individuals must demonstrate a thorough understanding of emergency cardiac care and the principles of adult learning. With training and the proper certification, individuals interested in instructing medical professionals can provide the experience and techniques that save lives in a cardiac emergency.

Acquire cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification for health-care providers. It is important that you get the provider certification in order to be eligible for ACLS Instruction. CPR certification can be earned through the American Heart Association (AHA).

Complete the American Heart Association ACLS Provider training to gain your ACLS provider certification. Certification can be obtained through an AHA training center or medical facility offering AHA-approved training. Typical instruction lasts for two days and will also require CPR certification for enrollment.

Request a sponsorship letter from your current work department, previous instructor or other health-care training professional indicating your instructor potential.

Apply and enroll in an ACLS Instructor course approved by the AHA. You will receive course instruction and requirements upon acceptance including the ACLS Instructor manual. Instructor courses are fee based and are offered through medical centers and university health systems and health-care provider learning facilities.

Complete the ACLS Instructor program. You will learn how to make presentations, master all elements of the ACLS training process, assemble training modules and use educational resources provided in ACLS instruction.