How to Promote Your DJ Business

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Whether you're a mobile DJ or spinning in the clubs, promoting your business is essential for success. Exposure and good business ethics are also key to growing your DJ business to secure gigs and increase revenue.

Register for a business license with your county or state. This is essential if you plan to have a full-time mobile DJ business outside of your home.

Buy a set of DJ equipment, including a backup set in case of equipment issues. Build or buy cases to protect your equipment, especially when you're doing a lot of mobile business. If you have a business license or tax ID, you may be able to get your equipment at cost. Shop around for the best packages and pricing and let them know you're starting a mobile DJ business. Don't forget to purchase a variety of lights and lighting systems. As your business grows, you can expand your equipment and lighting inventory so you can offer the ultimate package.

Compile a library of music on CDs or MP3, depending on the medium you choose to perform with. If you're planning to do a lot of family events and weddings, consider carrying music from the '50s to today. Clients will suggest music they'd like played at their function, so this will give you time to add to your existing library. You can search for "most requested hit" lists online for song titles and ideas.

Create a company name and logo that is catchy and memorable. Design it yourself, or hire someone if you can fit that into your budget. Compare other mobile DJ business names and find one that is original for you.

Order at least 500 full-color business cards and postcard fliers (or brochures) to distribute to clients and companies. If your budget is limited, you can get affordable printing from VistaPrint. Stay away from paper fliers that tend to look cheap.

Create a demo of your mix to put on CD so that potential clients and referrals have an idea of how you sound. If you want to get more creative, make a video demo with your music mix in the background that showcases past events you've done or even your equipment setup.

Buy and register your domain name for your website. You can find out if names are available by searching on sites such as or Dynadot. These sites also offer hosting and basic web design to get your website started.

Create free accounts on all the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Ask and friends and family who also have accounts to spread the word about your DJ business. Offer discounts to those who mention they heard about you on these sites (i.e., get 20% off an event booking for mentioning this post on MySpace, etc.)

Create or purchase contracts for your business. This ensures that you will receive payment in a timely manner or cover you in case of last-minute cancellations. Contracts help establish the terms of your business and what you will be providing for the price you quote to the client.

Gather information about wedding planners in your area and send them your promotional kit (i.e. business card, postcard/flier, and demo) to get the word out about your business. Contact event planners at hotels and resorts, as well.

Attend wedding expos and events and distribute your business cards and fliers to guests. This is a great place to network with other wedding professionals who can refer your business to their clients. If it's in your budget, plan to rent a booth at a future expo. You'll be able to display videos/demos and invite potential customers to see what your business is all about.

Set up an ad account on Google Adwords or in the Yellow Pages for extra promotion and advertising of your business.


Organize your time wisely to promote your business between meetings with potential clients.