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How to Write a Resume for a Nursing Home Activity Director

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A nursing home activity director is a professional who plans and executes activities to increase physical, mental and cognitive skills of nursing home residents. These activities provide residents with entertainment and therapy to enhance their quality of life.

This occupation typically requires a bachelor's degree in recreational therapy, as well as a current recreational therapist license. The Certification Council for Activity Professionals (NCCAP) offers a certification program for activity directors, and obtaining the certification can increase employment opportunities.

An effective resume for a nursing home activity director position should include some key information.

Write a Nursing Home Activity Director Resume

Write your career objective. Because this occupation has direct influence on the health and well-being of elderly residents, highlight your passion about improving and enriching nursing home residents' lives. An example career objective for this occupation could include "To obtain a challenging position that will utilize my professional education and certification to enrich the lives of the nursing home residents."

List your education, licenses, certification and training. Because this occupation can require specific education and certification, include your education credentials near the beginning of the resume so the employer can review your qualifications immediately. Include all training you received, even if the training is not required for the position. An employer will appreciate your willingness to continually develop your skills.

List your professional accomplishments. Include several bullet points to highlight areas in which you excelled with previous employers. Accomplishments can include resident satisfaction, cost-effective programs you established, or improvements you made for employers throughout your career. This industry typically works with a strict budget and including any cost improvements will impress a potential employer.

Include your previous professional experience. List several brief statements of your responsibilities with each previous employer, then add one statement to show how you added value to each employer, and one statement of valuable experience you gained from each employer. Because this occupation requires a positive attitude and the ability to work with individuals who may require special needs, showing your willingness to contribute, and your gratitude for what you gained from each employer will reflect positively on your resume.

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