How to Get a CDA

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A CDA or child development associate is a professional working in the child-care industry. Certification can be obtained in three different areas. These include preschool, infant and toddler, and family child care.

If you are interesting in becoming a child development associate, you must take some important steps. You must file the right forms and get the right training. The following are steps to get you started.

How to Get a CDA

Get training. You have to complete at least 120 hours of child-care training. You must complete 10 hours of training in each of 8 areas. You can apply for this training online. As of 2009, classes cost $750.

Obtain an advisor. You will need this advisor to observe you with the children for at least three hours. You will have six months in which to accomplish this. You cannot apply for your assessment without a record of an observation. This record is called the CDA Assessment Observation Instrument.

Apply for your assessment. Send your Direct Assessment Application, transcripts and certificate from a training facility and your CDA Assessment fee ($325.00) to the Council for Professional Recognition.

Your Direct Assessment Application will be given to you with your enrollment package.