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What Are the Requirements to Teach CDA Classes to My Staff?

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Childhood development associates work with children in different environments. Providing training for other employees seeking CDA credentials requires certain qualifications. Some states have specific qualifications that you must meet before being certified as a CDA trainer. Once you have met all the CDA training requirements, you can then train your staff so they can receive their CDA credentials.

CDA Credentials

Before you consider becoming a CDA trainer, you must first complete the state's CDA credentialing program. Each state has its own credentialing requirement, but most require that you have a high school diploma and 480 hours verifiable experience working with young children. In addition to these two requirements, some states require 120 hours of continuing education classes in child care.

Work Experience

Some states require that you have verifiable experience as a trainer before qualifying for CDA trainer certification. For example, Georgia requires that you have a training I, II or III training certification from the state before they will grant you a certification as a CDA trainer. Minnesota allows you to train your staff in CDA credentialing if you meet the trainer I qualifications of the state.


Recommendations are necessary before many states will certify you as a CDA trainer. The recommendation letters must be submitted with your trainer application and sent to the state's professional development center. The recommendation letter must include your skills as both a CDA and your general teaching skills. The recommendation letter can come from a participant in one of your CDA credentialing course, but it is best from the instructor. Each state has different recommendation requirements. For example, Georgia only requires one recommendation letter, but Minnesota requires three recommendation letters.

Approved Training

Some states, such as Minnesota, require that you submit your training curriculum to the advisory council or other state authorized agency for approval before being allowed to teach CDA credentialing courses. Other states require you to use training material provided by the Council of Professional Recognition or other approved CDA training organization. You must check with your state to determine what curriculum and training material must be used.


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