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How to Open a Mont Blanc Pen

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Montblanc is a luxury goods company known for its fine writing instruments, selling some of the most expensive pens on the market. Because most Montblanc pens are fountain pens, the operation, upkeep and mechanism of the pens are different from the everyday ballpoint pens, to which most of us are accustomed. Opening a Montblanc pen--to change the ink, for instance--has a different process as well.

Remove the cap, which is simply the cover, to the Montblanc pen.

Unscrew the nib--the tip you write with--from the barrel of the Montblanc pen.

Unscrew the decorative ring that is inscribed with the Montblanc logo and sits directly between the nib and the barrel of the pen.

Pull the semi-transparent ink chamber, the ink converter, from the nib of the Montblanc pen. This ink converter is located on the side of the nib that was pulled from the barrel of the pen.

Pull the ink cartridge, the plastic tube that holds the ink, from the barrel of the Montblanc pen.


Grasp the ink cartridge with a pair of tweezers if you can’t get it out with your fingers. The Montblanc pen is named for Mont Blanc in the Alps mountain range and bears the peak's height--4810--on every nib.


Always place a sheet of newspaper or other scrap paper beneath the pen while you work so that you won’t stain your work surface if ink spills from the pen.

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