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How to Become Ordained in Indiana

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Ordination is the process a person goes through in order to be recognized as clergy and able to perform certain religious ceremonies and traditions. The ordination process can be very long, taking years, while it can also be relatively short. Ultimately, the length of time it takes depends on the denomination and the route you decide to take. While some states have special laws associated with ordination, such as performing marriages, Indiana has basic laws with no additional hurdles after standard ordination. While getting a seminary degree is still the best way to be ordained, online ordination is possible and is as simple as filling out an application.

Earn a Seminary Degree

Earn a bachelor's degree. Since a seminary degree is a postgraduate degree, you will first need a bachelor's.

Receive sponsorship from your denomination. You must first talk to your pastor or church leader about your "calling." With her recommendation, you will go before the ordination committee of your denomination. This process differs among the dozens of varying denominations, so the process is easier for some than it is for others.

Get accepted into a seminary. The seminary you choose doesn't necessarily have to be affiliated with your denomination.

Earn a seminary degree.

Take the ordination exams (if necessary). Some denominations require additional exams after earning your degree. Discuss the specifics for your denomination with your pastor or church leader.

Online Ordination

Search online ordination sites. There are several sites that offer online ordination.

Fill out the application.

Pay the fee and send out the application.