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How Do You Become an Apostolic Pastor?

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Arising out of the Pentecostal denomination, the Apostolic Church first formed in Wales in 1916 after the Welsh revival in 1904. There are Apostolic Church parishes in more than 40 countries, and about 110 churches in the United Kingdom, according to the Apostolic Church in the United Kingdom. The decision to become an Apostolic pastor is one that comes with great responsibilities. Becoming a pastor in this denomination is similar to becoming a pastor in the Pentecostal church, as licensing is determined at the local church level.

Receive the calling to ministry. The desire to help others, provide guidance, speak to groups and become a leader isn't enough if you want to be an Apostolic pastor. You must first feel called by God to serve others.

Become a member of the Apostolic Church. Depending on your parish, you may need to regularly tithe, have a loyal attendance and receive baptism. Additionally, the Pentecostal Theological Seminary states that if you're married, your marital status “must be above question.” In other words, there must be no doubt that you and your spouse hold the vows of your marriage sacred and that your actions and lifestyle prove as much.

Pray about your decision to become an Apostolic pastor. Unlike portrayals of churches and pastors in the media, church congregations are often small and survive on humble funds. As an Apostolic pastor, you must be willing to serve those in all walks of life, no matter the size of the congregation, and lead a life where you teach by example. Praying about this decision can reveal if you're making a choice based on God's will, as well as help you discover if you have the right motives for wanting to become a pastor.

Get a ministry degree. Although it's not absolutely necessary to have a college education to become an Apostolic pastor, a degree can help you learn more about theological principles, your denomination’s doctrines, how to counsel those in need, how to examine the Bible from different points of view and how to be an effective preacher. A degree can show your church that you're serious about your desire to minister to others, that Scripture is the basis for your actions and that you're truly doing the work God called you to do.

Talk to your Apostolic Church about becoming a licensed pastor. If you haven't done so, discuss your wish to become a pastor. Church representatives can inform you about your church’s specific procedures.


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