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How to Manage Staff More Effectively

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It is critical for a supervisor to manage staff members in such a way that they want to work. Effective managers ensure that projects are completed accurately and efficiently. There are several traits effective managers, and if you learn to incorporate them into your management style, you can improve your leadership skills and build better relationships with your subordinates.

Learn how to monitor your staff's work. Walk around and talk to employees, and ask them about the status of their assignments. Be omnipresent, and ensure that your employees know they can come to you at any time with any issue.

Form teams that are diverse. Put people with different strengths, attitudes and points of view together. The differences can cause challenges but can result in many viewpoints and ideas being brought forth, leading to the best possible product. Encourage them to work together and to take responsibility for the project as a group.

Motivate your staff. Know your team, and understand what motivates each person. Realize that every person is motivated by something different, and impress upon your staff that their hard work will be rewarded.

Deal promptly with any negative actions. If you don't, other members of the team may assume that such negative action is acceptable, which eventually can lead to regression in the entire team. Don't jump to conclusions; be sure to do a thorough assessment of any problems that arise, and deal with them in a straightforward manner.

Have regular meetings with staff. Advise the team about what is going on in the department so they feel involved. Ask staff members to share about what is going on with their projects and what changes they would like to see. This empowerment encourages positive staff attitudes and increased productivity.


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