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Characteristics of a Successful Employee for a Fortune 500 Company

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Employees who hope to achieve success in a Fortune 500 company benefit from manifesting key skills and attributes. Successful employees understand that they are part of a larger team with a goal of directing efforts toward the accomplishment of the company's mission, vision and values. Doing this effectively requires strong communication skills, the ability to collaborate with colleagues and management and a commitment to working as part of a team.

Communication Skills

Communication skills have always been critical for success for employees in organizations of any size. In Fortune 500 companies, these skills become even more critical because of the sheer number and types of audiences that the employee must interact with. Communication skills include both verbal and written communications and incorporate the ability to communicate through electronic channels, including social media. Employees who can focus their communications effectively to consider the target audiences' needs and interests and develop key messages designed to achieve identified goals will find success.

Collaboration Skills

Employees in Fortune 500 companies are part of a large organization that consists of many parts that must work together effectively to achieve common goals. Collaboration skills are critical. It is not enough to have an idea and expect that idea to move smoothly through to fruition. Instead, successful employees must consider the needs of others in the organization, the sometimes competing interests and desires of colleagues and how to navigate an environment where multiple individuals may have multiple needs. Collaboration is critical and the ability to collaborate is the mark of an effective employee in this environment.

Ability to Function as Part of a Team

Regardless of an employee's position, he will be working as part of a team in a Fortune 500 environment. Rarely is anything accomplished independently. Employees rely on others to provide tools, resources, advice and support to achieve objectives, and others rely on them. Understanding that both success and failure occur as part of a team and serving as a supportive member of a team are critical success factors for employees.


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