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How to Buy Medical Scrubs Direct From the Manufacturer

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Buying medical scrubs directly from a manufacturer translates into wholesale discount business. Choose a local or international company on the Internet and select familiar brands and labels or try some new ones. A minimum order of around 500 items should qualify you for discounted pricing. International manufacturers will want larger minimums. Be skeptical of online companies that post no physical address or phone number. Ask lots of questions when you contact companies and choose the manufacturer that best suits your needs.

Locate manufacturers of medical scrubs. Use the supplied reference below to see a listing of local and international scrubs manufacturers. Check out their websites and review the associated company profile information to help you determine which companies you wish to deal with. Rank them according to factors important to you such as manufacturing location or brands and labels produced by them. Select your top one or two to further review and contact.

Review the types and styles of medical scrubs available from each manufacturer. Read product descriptions and note the fabrics used for each product. Look at the range of sizes available. Check out the available colors and prints.

Call or email the business in question. Find out any purchasing requirements imposed by the company, such as minimum purchase or if they only sell to hospitals or distributors. Ask the manufacturer’s representative or sales agent if you can mix and match sizes and colors to meet the minimum quantity order. Find out if the products you’re interested in are always available or not frequently produced. Ask about their production cycle and how they handle back orders. Be sure they can produce your products when you need them.

Request that manufacturers send sample products prior to purchasing a bulk amount. Ask for samples of several styles and sizes. You’ll probably have to pay for these items but it will confirm the quality of products produced. This step may also help allay any fears of a bogus manufacturer.

Find out the manufacturer’s delivery method, any costs involved and the timetable. This is even more important if you’re doing business overseas where delivery can take weeks and expenses may add up with costly shipping and insurance fees. Consider also that you may need to pay U.S. Customs fees.

Review all information that you’ve gathered and determine from which company you want to buy in bulk quantities. Look over the prices and quality. Think about your conversations with the sales representative and what your gut feelings tell you about choosing one company over the other. Decide which company can perform best for your needs.


Be wary of businesses that don’t provide a physical address and phone number.


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