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How to Word a Retirement Announcement

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When wording a retirement announcement for an employee at your company, choose informative and positive phrases that make the retiree feel as valued and appreciated as possible. Talk to the employee before emailing or posting the announcement, so you can highlight his accomplishments and let others know about his retirement plans.

Open With Pleasantries

Talk to the employee before you draft a public, company-wide announcement to verify you have all the correct details and dates. Ensure the employee has time to talk to co-workers, clients or business associates in person before making a public announcement. Start the announcement by expressing gratitude for the employee's service or by sharing polite sentiments about the employee's upcoming departure. Provide a time frame for the employee's final work days. Say, for example, "It's with mixed emotions and sincere gratitude for his service that we are announcing the retirement of senior manager Bob Jones at the end of June."

Explain the Retiree's Role and Accomplishments

Provide a brief history of the employee's role at the company, including how long she's worked there, and list one or two of her major accomplishments. Don't go into great detail -- a brief description is sufficient. Write, for example, "Lisa has been one of our top sales associates over the past two decades and helped us land our biggest client to date." If the retiree held more than one position at the company, write, "Lisa has worked for the company for 22 years. She started out as one of our administrative assistants and worked her way into the sales department, eventually assuming the role of senior sales manager."

Discuss the Retiree's Future Plans

Offer insight as to the employee's plans for retirement. It's critical that you get the employee's approval to discuss these plans before making the announcement. You can use a fun-loving tone and light humor as long as you present the retiree in a positive light. For example, word the announcement to say, "Tim plans to visit his grandchildren in Florida, take up fishing and work on his golf swing. We all know he tends to slice to the left." Don't provide the retiree's personal contact information, unless he specifically asks you to.

End With Party Details and Gratitude

List details about a retirement party or an office reception that you're hosting in honor of the employee. Include wording such as, "Please join us in the conference room on June 30 at noon for coffee and cake to celebrate Mary's retirement." End the retirement announcement on a personal note. For example, say, "On behalf of everyone here at the company, we will miss Mary dearly and wish her the best of luck."


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