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Ideas for a Resignation Plaque

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It can be difficult when a valued employee tenders his resignation. You may experience feelings of loss but wish him the best at the same time. Whether your employee is leaving for retirement, moving out of state or just moving on, a resignation plaque offers an official way for you to express your appreciation for his years of dedication.


Retirement can be an emotional and uncertain time for the retiree, but it can also be filled with hope and excitement for new experiences to come. Your plaque should wish her well on this new chapter of her life, thank her for service to your company and possibly offer a few words of wisdom. It's best if the words come from your heart, but you can use this example as inspiration: “Wishing you a happy retirement, with sincere appreciation for 20 years of dedication.” Or, try a lighthearted sentiment such as: “May your golf clubs never rust and the sun always shine. Thank you for your years of service and congratulations on your retirement!”

Moving On

Send off a valued employee with an appropriately worded plaque, letting him know that his time and work was greatly valued. This will prove that the company does not harbor resentment for his resignation and conveys a collective hope that his new job is fulfilling. This can be a simple plaque with the main goal of wishing him well with future endeavors. Engrave this plaque with a short sentiment such as: “To new beginnings and happy memories.” Or, “We are fortunate to have worked with you for 15 years and wish you the greatest happiness in the future.”

A Grand Thank You

This type of plaque is suitable for an employee who has had a lasting impact on your company through the quality of his work. It isn’t necessary to mention a specific project, but you will want to address what you will miss the most. Your plaque may read something like: “From the smallest detail to the largest project, you will hold a legacy as our #1 secretary.” Or, “You have been a leader and role model to so many and you will be missed.”


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