How to Get a Job Working for a Famous Person

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Famous people are often high maintenance; they may require a personal chef, PR person, trainer, security guard, babysitter, interior designer and a house cleaner. The job possibilities for a person looking to get employed by a celebrity are numerous, though getting hired is much harder. A celebrity wants to hire someone she trusts, in addition to a being a person with extensive experience. To get on a celebrity's radar requires significant preparation and networking.

Research the celebrity’s background using a publication that corresponds to his profession. Find information in magazine interviews regarding the number of children, location of the home and favorite activities and determine if you will enjoy working with the family. Choose publications based on the profession of the celebrity (for example, "Vanity Fair" for Penelope Cruz and "The Wall Street Journal" for Ben Bernanke.

Likewise, get information that pertains to your job. If you are a chef, learn the celebrity's favorite foods. If you are a photographer, read interviews that mention any favorite artists.

Move to the celebrity’s city. Get to know the locals and ask them where the celebrity spends most of her time. Though celebrities may hire people outside of their cities, your chances are much higher if you move.

Advertise your services. Develop a website, post fliers in local businesses and appear at functions that cater to your specific business. For example, if you are a babysitter, post fliers at the school of the celebrity's children and attend community organizations attended by the celebrity.

Get strong references. Acquire clients who might not be celebrities, but are well-known within the city. For example, get hired by city officials, minor politicians and anyone who is acquainted with the celebrity. Ask to use these clients as references.

Contact the personal assistant of the celebrity regarding the job. Because personal assistants coordinate functions and tasks of a celebrity, they serve as the gatekeeper to a job interview. Uncover information on the personal assistant, including his name and appearance. Approach him at a function and ask what positions are open. Keep a resume and cover letter on you at all times. If possible, exchange business cards with the assistant.

Prepare for the interview. Dress professionally and remain undaunted by celebrity status; do not be overly-enthusiastic or too eager for the job. The Domestic Placement Network advises keeping the conversation to how your skills can be an asset to the celebrity. Unless you have prior experience working directly with famous people, do not excessively name-drop.


Do not stalk the celebrity by following him or making him uncomfortable. Not only will you fail to get a job, but you will likely be court ordered to remain several feet away from him at all times.