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How to Become a Celebrity Agent

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a celebrity agent is a person who promotes the career of a celebrity. They use their industry connections and talents for PR and advertising to not only keep the celebrity in the public's eye, but also to help the celebrity find projects to work on. The final responsibility of the celebrity agent is to negotiate deals for their clients. This is a difficult job that requires business, public relations and entertainment industry experience. Here's how to get started on a celebrity agent career.

Complete a degree in business or marketing. A celebrity agent not only has to be able to find work for their clients, but they also have to be able to negotiate lucrative deals. The more experience and training you have in negotiations, business deal making and accounting, the better off you will be.

Gain experience. Many agents start out as the personal assistant of established celebrity agents. This experience will not only show you how the job is done, but it will also help you to gain industry contacts. These contacts will be invaluable to you later on. The assistant position will also bring you into contact with potential clients for your own agency.

Set up your business. To be taken seriously, you will need an office in a prime location. You will also need a professional-looking business card that you can hand out, a basic contract form, a business license and business insurance. You will also want to introduce yourself to industry trade unions like the Screen Actors' Guild, the Directors' Guild of America and the Writers' Guild of America. These guilds will provide you with the guidelines that you will need to work with as far as negotiating compensation packages for your clients (see Resources below).

Recruit clients. The final step is to get the word out about what you do. You can talk to celebrities you know to see if they are looking for new representation, or you can set up meetings with celebrities that you know are shopping around for new representation. Also if you have friends in the industry you can ask for referrals. As a new celebrity agent, you will most likely need to start with small time celebrities and work your way up.

Research other celebrity agents. You don't have to re-invent the wheel--learn from other celebrity agents, see how they work and note successful--and not so successful--strategies that they employ (see Resources below).

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