How to Get a HazMat Certification Renewal

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The HazMat endorsement lasts a maximum of 5 years; after that, those holding a CDL with the HazMat endorsement must get it renewed. Follow these steps to keep your CDL HazMat endorsement up to date.

Determine the date that your HazMat endorsement expires. You must apply to renew your HazMat endorsement before it is set to expire. This step is important; do not overlook that official HazMat expiration date.

Complete the HazMat endorsement application. This will be the same process that was required the first time that you applied for the HazMat endorsement.

Give the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) your fingerprints (part of their regular screening process). This is another step that is also part of your initial application, as well as your HazMat endorsement renewal.

Keep your CDL current. Letting your CDL lapse will also affect the status of your HazMat endorsement. Apply to renew your CDL 90 days before it expires in order to prevent the HazMat endorsement from falling off as well (then you would have to renew both, which would require more work!).


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