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How to Become a Service Provider for DirecTV Satellite

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A DirecTV provider is also known as a retailer because the term refers to the people and companies offering satellite service for customers in home, apartments and businesses. Each retailer specializes in a particular area, and determining which type of service you want to sell is part of becoming a service provider for DirecTV.

Visit the retailer page of the DirecTV website (see Resources), which covers all the basic information associated with becoming a service provider. The website includes a frequently asked question section and also offers a sample application, showing exactly how to fill out the application and answer the questions on the application.

Determine which type of service provider you’re interested in: residential, commercial, SMATV or MDU. A residential service provider sells products to those in single family homes, while an MDU, or multiple-dwelling unit, service provider only offers products to apartment complexes and buildings with multiple units. A commercial provider works with businesses and SMATV dealers sell affiliate programs.

Gather together the necessary documentation. DirecTV requires photos of both the interior and exterior of your building or shop, a balance sheet indicating your financial history and current situation, a liability insurance certificate indicating you have liability insurance, and a copy of your business license.

Complete the application to begin the process. Your business address, mailing address and contact information are all needed, as is information relating to how old your business is, when you became the owner and your annual sales. The 10-page application also requires credit and personal references, with contact information for each.

Mail your completed documents to DirecTV and wait for a response. It may take up to six months before you hear from the company, and not all applicants are approved. If your application is denied, the company will send a response, indicating the reasons. Apply again, once you’ve resolved the problems with your initial application.


Complete the installation training courses provided online if you plan on installing the products yourself. The courses include training videos and exams that ask questions about the techniques shown in the videos.