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How to Fill Out a Self-Assessment Appraisal

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A self-assessment appraisal is an important tool that managers use to help individuals get the full picture when it comes to job performance. It is important that an employee assess his performance based on the same criteria that the manager will use to properly compare the two perspectives. It is the comparison of how an employee believes he is performing versus how the manager believes the employee is performing that will provide the opportunities to identify gaps in employee performance and aid in the creation of developmental plans for the employee.

List everything you do in the section for job-specific functions and roles so that you can be rated on them. Take an honest look at your day-to-day responsibilities. Do not embellish your job, but make sure that you do not exclude any duties either.

Rate your performance based on the tasks you have defined. Most self-appraisals have a numeric rating system that allows the employee to rate her performance based on the roles of her job. As you rate your work, take into account not only the completion of each task, but also the level of effort that went into each responsibility. If you are doing only what needs to be done to get by instead of giving each job your full attention and effort, rate your performance accordingly.

Complete the comments section thoroughly and honestly. This is your opportunity to toot your own horn with regard to special projects and call attention to your contributions to the company and the impact each contribution had on the overall performance of the company. Your supervisor will not be able to remember each specific success you have had over the year, especially if there are multiple reports within your organization. This is your opportunity to bring those back to attention. Dedicate a few sentences to where you want to go within your role.

Complete your development plan. Many self-assessments have a section that allows you to indicate what you would like to accomplish and what you need to do to accomplish it. For example, if you want to take a more active role in programming, yet you lack some necessary knowledge, indicate that you would like to attend company-sponsored training or even attend classes on your own time. Your boss needs to know what your long-term goals are to help you succeed.


Be honest, open and accurate in your appraisal. Your boss will quickly be able to see through exaggerations and untruths. This can jeopardize your entire performance review.