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How to Write a Self Evaluation for work

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We are often asked to evaluate our own job performance. In quarterly work reviews, on resumes, or job applications, a self-evaluation is inevitable. If you can write one, you can use the information in it to your own benefit--in work reviews, new job interviews, or other, work-related situations. It's not difficult to write a self-evaluation per se, but writing an effective one that makes you stand out from your fellow employees can be a bit more challenging.

Begin by discussing your job description and what you believe are the employer's expectations for someone holding your position. Keep a conversational but professional tone. Be as brief and factual as possible.

After describing your understanding of your duties and the employer's expectations, show what you have done to go above and beyond those expectations. List two or three specific areas in which you believe you excelled in your job performance.

If you are not certain about how to describe your job performance, consider using the STAR method. Lynn Gaertner-Johnston, in an aritcle entitled, "Writing About Ourselves," talks about the STAR method. In the STAR method, you describe a situation (S) or task (T), the action (A) you took to complete it, and the results (R) of those actions.

Write about how you plan to improve your job performance. Don’t give the company any reason to doubt your performance, but tell it what you are working on and how you plan to improve. Employers look for initiative and improvement over time; show where you plan to improve and then report back in a few months with the results. Doing so will show your employer that you are serious about improving your performance.

Do not be afraid to include things in your self-evaluation that are problematic. For instance, if anything, or anyone, is hindering your work performance, mention this and ask for a meeting with your employer.


Don’t brag or talk about how great you are. A better approach might be to talk about the company, and how it has benefited from having you as an employee. When you write a self-evaluation for a job, it’s important to acknowledge that you are not perfect and have areas in which you can improve your performance. Try to keep your evaluation brief.