How to Write a Detailed Resume

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Some occupations often require a very detailed resume to offer specific information about a candidate's skills and experience. Creating a detailed resume can be a fine line between too little or too much information. It is possible to include important details on a resume without it exceeding two pages in length and offering valuable insight to a potential employer about your qualifications.

Create a Detailed Resume

Customize your career objective to the employer you're applying to. Research the organization and include how your skills and knowledge will contribute to the organization's values and profitability. Showing your interest and how your skills will contribute overall will attract the employer.

List detailed education information. Include the educational institution, year of graduation, degree obtained and coursework related to the job you're applying to. If you received any additional training, list each course and educational institution you received the training from, and any certifications you received.

Include a section listing your professional and technical skills related to the occupation. List computer software and programs you have knowledge of, and occupational methodologies or requirements you understand or have experience with.

List detailed professional experience when listing your previous employers. To compile a good list of responsibilities from each employer, use a separate document that you can condense and edit before adding the information to your resume. Use job descriptions from previous employers, or simply list your responsibilities. After you compile your responsibilities, use past-tense action verbs to list each of your responsibilities on your resume in brief, informative statements.

With each employer, list one or several accomplishments that added value to your employer. Accomplishments can include process improvement, cost savings, or recognitions you received. To add additional information, include one point to highlight valuable occupational knowledge you gained from each employer.

List three professional references. Include the references name, title, phone number and email address. Not only will this information show you're immediately willing to verify your skills and abilities, it will also additional length to your resume.


Showing you value each previous employer shows you're a team player, and have a positive attitude.


Do not add unnecessary information to add length to your resume. Employers want facts related to your qualifications.