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How to Number Meeting Minutes

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Step 1

Look up the minutes from the last meeting, and find the last numbered minute. If your organization is brand new or has not properly numbered past minutes, start with minute 1.

Step 2

Add 1 to this minute to create your starting number for the new meeting. If the last numbered minute was 202, then this meeting will start with 203.

Step 3

Give each official minute a new number in consecutive order. An official minute is one that has a mover and a person to second that and that is voted on in the affirmative.

Step 4

Keep minutes in the order in which they are discussed, which may differ from the agenda.

  • If minute reference numbers have not been used before or have not been done correctly, ask your board whether it would like to amend previous minutes to include the appropriate numbers or if it would just like to start numbering them correctly from here on out.

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