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How to Become an Authorized Swarovski Dealer

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Step 1

Find a spot to display your items. Ideally a store would be the best bet, but the Internet is a viable choice as well. Go to the Swarovski website, and fill out the dealer application (see Resources).

Step 2

Wait for a few months. Swarovski usually gets back to you within the month. The next step is the paperwork where you explain your entire business housing and everything in between. Swarovski has to make sure that the place complements the crystal. Send that paperwork to headquarters or to the address listed on the application.

Step 3

Wait for a few more weeks to a month. Swarovski will then explain changes that will need to be done to the place you have proposed.

Step 4

Begin the lease or start the website for your merchandise. The next letter from Swarovski states how much you need to pay Swarovski to start your first shipment. Once the money is received, Swarovski will began making the needed changes.

Step 5

Receive a dealer number and dealer license in the mail. Shortly after that, your first shipment will arrive.


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