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How to Make Money Taking Pictures of Properties

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If you have a digital camera you can use it to make money. Everyone is familiar with freelance photographers who take pictures of babies, soon-to-be graduates and families. But did you know you can make money taking pictures of properties? Many real estate agents need people to take pictures of homes they’ve just listed for sale. In addition, banks that have foreclosed on homes also need someone to take pictures of them. You can capitalize on these needs if you are a decent photographer.

Contact realty offices and let them know that you would like to photograph properties. Be prepared to show them some photos you’ve previously taken. Offer to do a trial photo shoot of a home to show them you know what you are doing. When you work for a realty office, they will generally give you a list of properties to take photos of. You will need to be comfortable driving and be good with directions to find some locations. Otherwise, invest in a GPS unit for your vehicle.

When a property is newly listed for sale, the Realtor wants to get pictures taken of it. These pictures will be uploaded to the Internet so people looking online can see what the home has to offer. A photographer who knows how to capture the essence of a room and make the viewer see its total potential can be a great asset.

With the country still trying to dig out of this recession, foreclosures continue to be a problem. When homeowners can’t make their payments and fall behind, their homes typically get foreclosed on. The bank that owns the mortgage will then try to resell the home in hopes of recovering some of the money they’ve lost on the property. A photographer is then needed to take pictures of the property.

Contact banks and let them know that you are interested in taking photos of foreclosures for them. Because you may be asked to go into properties where people are losing their homes, you need to feel comfortable in this kind of setting. In addition, you will need to be respectful of them.

Advertise your skills on free sites likes Craigslist. There may be others out there who need someone to take pictures of their property. Someone looking to flip a house may want pictures taken before and after their renovations. A homeowner looking to sell their house on their own may need pictures taken so they can list the house on a website. People who are entering contests to have rooms of their home made over will need to submit pictures.


When meeting someone who answered an online advertisement, use caution. If possible, meet in a neutral location and bring a friend. Go with your gut instinct. If you feel uneasy, it's okay to refuse business.