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How to Write a Cover Letter for a Post As a Special Needs Assistant

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A cover letter is as essential to a complete job application package as your resume. While a resume lists your experience and qualifications, a cover letter not only highlights pertinent information in your resume but also explains how previous experience qualifies you for the offered job. When writing a cover letter for a position as a special needs assistant, it is important to understand ways to tailor your cover letter to let employers know how you can be successful in the position.

Understand what an institution is looking for in a special needs assistant. While a resume is all about information, the cover letter is all about marketing that information. As a special needs assistant you will need to have certain qualities that you must convey to potential employers. You must have patience for working with children. You need to be prepared for the challenges inherent in working with children with special needs. You have to do well in a team environment that includes parents, facility administrators and medical professionals. Think about ways to convey these qualities to potential employers. Make a list of applicable skills and experiences.

Learn how to format and professionally organize your cover letter. Type your home address, skip 2 lines and spell out the current date. Skip 2 lines and address the letter to the hiring administrator followed by a colon. Plan your cover letter to be a single-spaced single page document. Use the introductory paragraph to explain which position you are interested in and where you heard about the job. The second paragraph should summarize your employment and educational background. Address the ways your previous experience prepared you for a position as a special needs assistant. Use the third paragraph to explain how your skills will benefit the organization. The closing paragraph should summarize key points of the cover letter.

Target your cover letter to specific positions as a special needs assistant. Investigate the organization in which you are interested. Find out who will be looking at your application materials and address the letter to that person. It is important to indicate to a hiring manager that you are dedicated to this particular position, rather than sending a boiler-plate letter. Study the culture and goals of the institution and detail how your experience and skills fit into those goals. Explain the ways the opportunity is a great fit for your skills and experience. Also explain how your experience and personal qualities will benefit the special needs children you hope to assist.


Always include a sentence in your cover letter requesting a chance to discuss your skills further.

  • Always include a sentence in your cover letter requesting a chance to discuss your skills further.

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