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How to Download Free Resume Samples

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When you're writing your resume, sometimes it can be a big help to see some examples. Downloading a few free resume samples from the Internet can be just the thing you need to kick-start your resume writing. Resume samples can give you a better idea of how you want your resume to look, what type of resume you should use and even some examples of sections you might include.

Downloading Free Samples

Decide what type of resume samples you'd like to download. There are several different types of resumes, including chronological, functional and combination. Consider downloading sample resumes that are specific to your field, such as police officer resume samples or elementary school teacher resume samples. You can also download examples of resume templates.

Conduct an Internet search of the type of resume samples you'd like to download. Different websites will offer different types of samples. For example, Eduers.com offers career-specific resume samples. CollegeGrad.com offers examples of general resumes, and Southworth Company's website offers free downloads for resume templates. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

Download the resume samples from the website you chose. Clicking on the resume link, resume picture or the word "Download" near the resume will start the downloading process.

Some types of resume sample files, including PDF files, open directly without a dialog box. For other types of files, you may get a File Download box on your screen that says "Open" and "Save." Select "Open" if you'd like the downloaded resume sample to appear once it's downloaded. Select "Save" if you'd like to save the resume somewhere on your computer and open it later.


If you conduct an Internet search for resume samples, make sure to include the word "free" in your search. This will help ensure that all of the search results offer free downloads of resume samples and won't ask you for payment once you're on the site.