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How to Get Training for Sewing Machine Repair

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Although a niche market, sewing machine repair can provide a fair level of income generation, allowing you to either make some extra money in your spare time or start a new career. Sewing machines are fairly complex devices, requiring a substantial amount of training to properly service and repair. There are many different ways to obtain training for sewing machine repair, so select the one that best suits your situation and personality.

Purchase a do-it-yourself book and teach yourself the basics of sewing machine repair. Purchase several models of used sewing machines to practice on, and spend your free time taking them apart and putting them back together until you are comfortable performing basic diagnostic work on sewing machines. Although this is not the most conventional method for learning the trade, it can help if your schedule affords you little opportunity to seek professional training.

Locate a sewing machine repairman in your area and inquire about the possibility of serving an apprenticeship. As an apprentice, you will learn the trade while working under the seasoned eye of a professional. Although you should not expect to make a full wage while serving as an apprentice, the tricks of the trade that you learn during your time of service can help to increase your efficiency once you are fully trained.

Seek out a training school for sewing machine repair and attend classes. This will allow you the opportunity to learn from skilled teachers in a classroom environment while having the opportunity to bounce ideas off of your classmates, making it a good opportunity to network for your future career in sewing machine repair. Sewing machine repair courses are available at any number of state colleges or technical schools.